What does safety mean to us?

Safety is our top priority, and we use a range of equipment to ensure it, including front clip harnesses, martingale collars, our own leashes, Geartac security belts, and trainer treat pouches. We conduct weekly checks on all of our gear, and our team adheres to a no-phone-usage-while-walking policy. We also have established safety protocols for both indoor and outdoor situations. Additionally, all new team members undergo four weeks of walking and safety procedures with the owner.

Why we are located only in Williamsburg?

At Not The Rug, we believe in building a strong sense of community and fostering a feeling of belonging in our neighborhood. We cherish intimate and personal connections with not only our clients and their furry friends, but also with the local community. By staying in Williamsburg, our clients have the opportunity to interact with the founder, his family, and team members throughout the week, beyond just the walks.

Why we walk three dogs max?

As responsible dog caregivers, we understand the need for individual attention and supervision. With a maximum of three dogs at a time, we prioritize playtime, socialization, and enrichment for each furry friend in our care. This ensures their safety and well-being while also promoting a positive and enjoyable experience.

Why we wipe our dog’s paws?

To keep your dog healthy, we prioritize wiping their paws before they enter our facility. This is because dogs perspire through their mouth and feet, and outdoor debris such as rat poison, fertilizer, and construction materials can be harmful. We take care to clean their paws thoroughly, regardless of the weather conditions outside.