Why we are located only in Williamsburg?

Not The Rug values community and creating a sense of belonging in the neighborhood. We value intimate and personal relationships with not only the client and their dog, but also the neighborhood. By remaining in Williamsburg, clients will be able to see the founder his family and team members through the week when not walking.

Why we walk three dogs max?

Every dog owner knows the importance of keeping an eye on their own dog. Busy roads, traffic lights, and unfamiliar surroundings provide a real risk when a group of dogs grows too big to properly supervise! We limit the dogs to three at a time to provide each dog three important things: play, socialization, and enrichment.

Why we wipe our dog’s paws?

By wiping their feet before they come inside, we are making sure that we are removing toxins they might have walked through. Dogs perspire from their mouth and feet, and with all of the outdoor rat poison, fertilizer, construction, and general debris, we want to ensure the overall health of your dog. Whether it’s rainy, snowy, or dusty outside, we make sure to clean their paws properly.